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Top 5 Summer Festivals in Croatia

A selection of the major summer festivals in Croatia, check them out!

A selection of the major summer festivals in Croatia, check them out!

Croatia has become a great destination for travelers from all over, as it offers a wide array of activities as well as cultural events. Every tourist knows that the country is rich in history and culture, but few are keenly aware that Croatia also hosts many contemporary major events and spectacles, especially during the warm seasons. Summer festivals in Croatia are some of the leading events in Europe, and if you are looking to have a good time and letting go you should definitely join the crowd!

Summer festivals in Croatia

Follow me as we work our way through the country, starting inland in the capital Zagreb and then moving along the coast through Pula, the island of Pag and Split. One of the most difficult parts about traveling in a country such as Croatia is deciding where you want to visit and how to get there: do I rent a car? Do I use public transportation? Private transfer? My suggestion is to embrace your vacation and make it as pleasurable as it can be. Private transportation seems like too much of a luxury, but it is actually the easiest and undoubtedly more comfortable choice. Leave it to us, we can help you move from point A to point B, so you only have to enjoy the journey!

1) Partying and touring the capital: Zagreb

If you are planning a trip to Zagreb in June, you may want to check out one of the major summer festivals in Croatia called INmusic Festival. The artists performing at INmusic are known internationally, such as The Black Keys, Billy Idol, The Prodigy, Franz Ferdinand and so on. These are only a few on the list of artists who will perform at the festival so if you are a live music fan you should consider traveling to wonderful Zagreb. This event takes place at Lake Jarun every summer and is the biggest open-air festival in the country. Definitely worth the trip!

Summer festivals in Croatia

And after a day of partying, you may want to catch a breath of fresh air, which can easily be done by biking through the city. A unique way to see the highlights of the capital while enjoying the fabulous Croatian climate! There are actually three different options you can pick from, but my personal favourite would be the Zagreb Bike & Taste: it is a half-day tour which allows you to check out the food markets and organic shops of the city, as well as sample some amazing local food. And best of all, at the end of the tour you get to relax in the park and enjoy all the goodies you bought during the day with a picnic.

2) Enjoy the sound and beat in Pula’s beach

But let’s stick to music and summer festivals in Croatia, and move towards the coast. Pula is where the longest running festival in Croatia takes place: Seasplash. This annual event In July will give you a variety of music like no other. No matter what your favorite genre is, you will be sure to find it here: electro, reggae, old-school jungle, hip-hop and much more. And there are several stages at this particular festival, so there will be different acts performing at the same time, giving you the opportunity to browse and choose what you find more entertaining and interesting. Plus, the event takes place close to the beach, a setup too perfect to be true!

Summer festivals in Croatia

3) Pag, the party island of the Adriatic

Even more so is the island of Pag, internationally known for its beaches. It is in this pearl of the sea that you will find the Sonus Festival in August, a major event for all techno fans. The island becomes a haven for nightclubbing and after parties, and the beaches are flooded with people dancing and having a great time. It is ideal for true party animals. A great way to avoid any transportation issues to and from the island is to hire a private boat transfer — this way you can enjoy the ride to the island and party like there is no tomorrow, without having to worry about catching ferries.

Summer festivals in Croatia

4) Pag Island for Spring Break

And for those traveling earlier in the season, no panic: Pag island becomes the Spring Break Island in May. For all students reading, this is one of the best summer festivals in Croatia! If you are looking to live the ultimate spring break, come to Europe’s most outrageous event ever. You can party non-stop for three consecutive days at Zrće beach, which has become the new Ibiza and is an incredible location for unforgettable parties.

5) Europe’s number one dance music festival

Proceeding down the coast we get to another important city, Split. In July, you can take part at the ULTRA Europe festival. This event is renowned for its guest list, as it  brings in the biggest names in dance and electronic music. The Poljud Stadium becomes the center of the world with fireworks, light shows and incredible music pumping for three days. Join the crowds, and enjoy one of the top events in Europe!

Summer festivals in Croatia

And after all the partying and dancing, I suggest you take some time off to relax and regenerate by soaking in the sun and checking out the most beautiful beaches in the country. This excursion will take you from Split to Brac, Hvar and the Pakleni islands: in one day, you will be able to visit the most amazing beaches and enjoy the pleasures of the Adriatic sea. This is a must after all the music and late nights!

If you are looking to have the time of your life this summer, you should absolutely consider traveling to Croatia. The number of events going on in the country is almost overwhelming, and you can rest assured that there is something right for you in the midst of all these summer festivals. But whether you are looking to party, or are more in the mood for a relaxing or cultural experience, we can certainly help you plan the perfect trip.

written by Isabella Ott

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