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10 Must-Have Items to Travel to Croatia

Travel to Croatia: 10 Must-Have Items

So… you planned your trip to Croatia several months ago and now you find yourself packing your suitcase at the very last minute, right? What should I wear? Do I need a warm clothes? If I forget something, can I find it in Croatian shops?…. These are probably the questions that you are thinking about. We have designed a short guide that you can follow with the 10 must-have items and advice that can help you in this situation.

Items to Travel to Croatia

1) Documents

Triple check you have all the important documents you will need: passport, travel insurance, travel information, vouchers and emergency contacts. Please check if your flight details are correct.

2) Cash

Credit cards are used in Croatia, but some businesses only accept cash. Avoid having problems at restaurants or stores and don’t wait until you’re there to get Kunas; exchange rates could be higher. To learn more about Croatian money checkout our Croatian Currency Blog.

Items to Travel to Croatia

3) Clothes

Summer in Croatia is hot so you’ll mostly need lightweight beach clothes, but in case of bad weather and cold nights, you will need some long sleeve shirts and pants. Also, if you’re planing to visit trendy places, make sure you have a nice outfit to wear in the evening. If you are visiting in spring and autumn, make sure you have a few warmer items like a windbreaker, jacket or sweater.

4) Shoes

The keyword here is versatility: there’s no need to bring thousands of shoes; just make sure you bring one pair for every realistic situation you may face during your travels in Croatia and, if possible, bring shoes that can be used in different situations. You don’t want to hike in Plitvice Lakes and similar destinations in your flip-flops, so make sure you have good sneakers if you’re doing outdoor activities. Wear your most cumbersome pair on the plane and pack the others in your suitcase; you can stuff some extra socks inside them to save space.

5) Sunglasses, sunscreen and swimsuit

Are absolute must if you are traveling to Croatia from mid-April to the end of September. A nice pair of sunglasses can be used as a fashion accessory as well; Croatians are famous for their love of good sunglasses so bring the best from your collection if you don’t want to be overshadowed.

Items to Travel to Croatia

6) Adapters and transformers

Croatian plugs and sockets can be different from those you normally have in your country. Adapters are obviously fundamental, but while phone and laptop chargers normally work everywhere, other devices might not work due to differences in Croatian voltage (220V).  If you don’t want to pay inflated prices at the airport, bring them from home.

7) Travel water bottle

Croatia’s summer sun can be merciless and if you are going to walk all day long, you will definitely need to hydrate yourself. Major cities often have several drinking fountains located in the major squares so you can refill the bottle as needed.

8) Dictionary

Croatian-English or Croatian-your language dictionary/phrasebook. Learn the basic phrases you will need to know for everyday life, from ordering food at the restaurant to asking information if you get lost. Croatians normally appreciate people that try to speak their language and will be more than happy to help you out.

9) Camera

Since you are probably going to take a lot of pictures with your phone/camera, make sure you have enough storage devices with you (memory cards, backup hard-disks, etc.) and/or upload your pictures at the end of each day to a cloud-based storage system (Dropbox, Apple iCloud).  Moreover, bring a versatile camera that can be easily used for all occasions and make sure you know how it works: you definitely don’t want to find out you don’t know how to use it just when you need it most!

10) First aid kit and prescription medicines

One of the worst things that can happen to you during your trip to Croatia is to get sick and stay in bed doing nothing all day long. Don’t forget to bring everything you may need, especially if you suffer from allergies or need particular medications. In addition, make sure you know the equivalent name of your medicine in a foreign country. And a strong insect repellent may be useful to prevent mosquito bites.






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