How to get around in Croatia: planes, ferries and private transfers

Croatia is a wonderful smorgasbord of choice. From unwinding on the Adriatic coast to strolling through historic walled towns, or sipping on wonderful wines to digging for truffle treasures, there’s something to tickle everyone’s fancy. There’s so much choice that it’s practically essential to know how to get around in Croatia so you can explore this wonderful land and make the most of your vacation. So whether you’re planning day trips from a central base or touring around the country from north to south, we’ve got all the information you’ll need. Hop onboard!

Get around in Croatia

Arriving in Croatia

Unless you’re arriving from a nearby, neighboring country, chances are you’ll probably reach Croatia by air. And, by the way, flying is also the fastest way to get around in Croatia but we’ll come to that in a bit. Five mainland Croatian airports – Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Zadar and Pula – operate commercial flights with the first three forming the main international entry points. Not all offer year round arrivals so it’s always advisable to check in with our dedicated travel experts well in advance so they can get you the best flights to this wondrous country.

Alternatively, if you’re already close to Croatia and arriving from continental Europe, you have the choice of entry via land or sea. Various fast and scenic roads crisscross the border from Slovenia, Hungary, Serbia, Montenegro or Bosnia & Herzegovina, enabling easy access to the Croatian countryside and coast. Meanwhile, ferries and hydrofoils operate from Venice, Trieste, Bari and Ancona in Italy, allowing you to arrive into Rovinj for some truffle hunting or in Pula on the Istrian coast just like traders, merchants and sailors would have done centuries ago. Our travel specialists can book the best tickets to ensure a smooth journey so you arrive rested and ready to enjoy your vacation.

How to get around in Croatia

Once you touch down, you’ll find a world of Croatian wonders opening up at your feet. So whether you go into Rovinj for the temptingly, tasty Istrian truffle festivals and golden olive oil, or to Dubrovnik to explore its medieval citadel and historic silk embroidery, or are heading to the islands for the beach & bar scene, knowing how to get around in Croatia is crucial. But don’t despair, with a little help from our specialists it needn’t be difficult nor time-consuming.

1) Traveling by plane

Get around in Croatia

To explore Croatia’s differing regions and get to know the country better there is no quicker way to cover the distance than traveling by plane. The flight from the capital city of Zagreb in the north to the walled fortress town of Dubrovnik in the south, for example, takes just under an hour instead of close to a day to drive. And Zagreb to Split takes even less time since domestic flights enable intrepid visitors to admire more of the country opening up countless possibilities.

2) Private transfer

Get around in Croatia

If you prefer to soak up the atmosphere of the land why not take advantage of our personalized private transfers; they can take you wherever you want to go! For example, from the medieval, coastal town of Rovinj in the north why not go the capital, Zagreb, to discover its Roman heritage, stopping off at the spectacular lakes and falls of Plitvice National Park along the way. And finish up back on the coast at Zadar, the oldest continuous inhabited city in Croatia, to uncover its ancient history. That’s the beauty of private transfers; you can let our drivers do the hard work in between stopovers while you relax and enjoy the scenery. Perfect!

3) Ferry

Get around in CroatiaAlternatively, if your passion lies along the seashore, then southern Croatia and the islands that cling to the curving coastline is your ideal destination. And there is no better way to get about than by sailing on the sapphire seas that gently lap the beaches. Ferries crisscross the Adriatic to link most of the inhabited islands with Zadar, Split and Dubrovnik, making these excellent hubs from which to launch yourselves. But don’t worry, you won’t have to decipher the ferry schedules as our travel consultants are on standby to take care of that — all you have to do is find a spot where you can recline on deck as the boat carries you to your Croatian island paradise.

4) Private boat transfer

Get around in Croatia

If navigating the coastline is a challenge by ferry or the fixed routes don’t suit, there is another option to help you to get around Croatia: booking a private boat transfer. From Dubrovnik, Split and Zadar you can design your own itinerary and explore the stunning Croatian archipelago at your leisure. Hop from island to island, stop for a dip at a secluded cove in the sparkling waters of Pasman or just enjoy steering through the hundreds of islands and islets that dot the coast. Or let us organize a personalized day out, dropping anchor to explore the Elaphiti islands, to dig up Korcula’s ancient history or chill out with a cocktail around Hvar’s buzzing beach & bar scene. Sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? All this is available with a simple call to our fabulous travel experts who’ll organize everything for you.

Don’t forget to book ahead

From national parks to natural coastlines, ancient walled cities to ancient history and from north to south and east to west, Croatia is a treasure trove of sights, spectacular scenery and seaside delights. Its impossible to pack it all into one trip, but to make the most of your visit its essential to know how to get around in Croatia (or at least how to contact someone who does, which is where our travel specialists come in!) Leave us a comment with your wish list and check out our blog for more ideas on places to visit and places to stay. How will you choose to explore Croatia? Will you travel by plane, ferry or private transfer? Or will you combine a number of options and organized tours to create your customized dream vacation? The choice is yours and Croatia is just waiting for your arrival!



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