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Romantic Croatia: 4 reasons why you’ll love Croatia

Croatia is the hottest buzzword on the lips of today’s savvy travelers. This small country at the eastern edge of the Adriatic has a rich cultural heritage that is matched by the beauty of its landscapes and the utter deliciousness of its food and wine. Because we know you’ll love Croatia too, we’ve compiled a list of four of the most romantic spots in the ancient Roman province of Dalmatia, moving from north to south.

1. Galesnjak – the heart-shaped island

Hands down, the winner is the island of Galesnjak in northern Dalmatia. This diminutive private island became a worldwide sensation in 2009 after its unique shape was rediscovered thanks to Google Earth. One of the few naturally occurring heart-shaped objects on the planet, this small island has been the backdrop of many weddings and vow renewals since the discovery of its amazing form captured the hearts of incurable romantics from all over!

2. Islands of the Lastovo archipelago


Equally unspoiled are the islands of the Lastovo archipelago, covered in lush Mediterranean vegetation and boasting many hidden bays and sandy beaches. A stay in one of the lighthouses that have been converted into accommodations makes for a unique and oh-so-romantic getaway for couples who wish to try something out of the ordinary. Another charming detail on Lastovo are the funky-shaped fumari (chimneys): in the 16th and 17th centuries, homeowners competed with one another to see who could come up with the most bizarre chimney, ensuring that today there are many different shapes and sizes.

3. Mljet – the island of Odysseus


Nearby is the island of Mljet, where legend says that Odysseus spent seven years as a love slave to the nymph Calypso after he returned from the Trojan War. A National Park covers approximately one-third of the island, but the rest is almost equally pristine. There is only one major road, no large towns and it is scarcely populated – ideal for those who wish to enjoy a peaceful and amorous vacation away from the crowds.

4. Dubrovnik – the Pearl of the Adriatic


“If you want to see heaven on earth, come to Dubrovnik,” the Irish playwright George Bernard Shaw once wrote, and he was not exaggerating! Nestled between the mountain of Srd and the deep blue Adriatic, this city is perfect for couples and honeymooners. Admire the sunset over the islands in front of Dubrovnik from the walls surrounding the Old Town, take a walk with your beloved, hand in hand, from Stradun to Porporela in the old port or savor a delicious dinner for two on a cliff overlooking the city’s fortified core – Dubrovnik is designed for romance.

For a dream destination filled with romantic hideaways that will create memories to last a lifetime, there are few places in Europe to rival the genuine, untouched beauty of Croatia. Whether you wish to visit a specific region, take a car trip from north to south, or charter a yacht and cruise around Croatia’s 1,185 islands, our friendly travel experts are always on standby to give you a hand organizing an unforgettable vacation in Croatia!






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